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Tribal Green Energy

Tribal Green Energy

Creating Profit’s for Native America while Protecting the Environment


Tribal lands contain enormous potential for renewable energy. This is compounded by the fact that tribal contracting preferences, would allow a near guarantee in reselling excess energy production back to the state or surrounding municipalities.   As an example, according to the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, the wind resources on Tribal lands in the Great Planes alone could power over 50 million homes. The development of renewable sources of energy, such as its wind, solar, hydro, or geothermal potential have significant government incentives, tax credits and financing opportunities above that of any other renewable energy business, giving tribes a real competitive advantage within the space. In addition, one the renewable energy plant is in operation, the continued cost of operation versus continued government incentives is minimal.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy is expected to increase in both value and demand. Therefore an economy based on the production of energy is fairly stable. It is even more stable if it is based on inexhaustible sources of clean energy such as hydro, wind or solar power. It is also possible for a Tribe to reinvest the capital gained from the sale of energy or the leasing of land used to produce renewable energy into projects that allow the Tribe to further diversify their economy.

Given that energy is an exceptionally valuable commodity that will always be in need, Native American tribes are poised for exceptional growth within the space, the Native American Venture Fund will provide experienced management, Native American training, the proper financing structures, tax credits and government incentives with a resale model of energy excess, which is critical in order to create double digit growth, while meeting anticipated investor returns.

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