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Reversing Climate Change

Reversing Climate Change

Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) Targets a 5 Year, 300%+ ROI by Turning the Reducing of Greenhouse Gasses Investor and Tribal Profits


The Native American Venture Fund is partnering with both tribes and investors to combat one of the most significant threats facing the world today, Climate Change. The main cause, is the Greenhouse gases that are released from Fossil Fuel Use (Industry, energy production, automotive), deforestation, and intensive livestock farming.  As concentrations of these gases increase, more warming occurs than would happen naturally, because greenhouse effetely traps radiation from the sun and warms the planet’s surface.

There is a 90 percent probability that global temperatures will rise by 3.5 to 7.4 degrees Celsius (6.3 to 13.3 degrees Fahrenheit) in less than one hundred years, with even greater increases over land and the poles, According to the American Meteorological Society. Though shifts in temperature may seem minor, the havoc that would be created within our global ecosystem could trigger widespread disasters in the form of rising sea levels, water shortages, loss of property, volatile weather patterns, famine, disease and loss of life on a global scale. One of the ways to reverse the volatile effects of greenhouse gasses is the protection and proper management of our forests, in which trees convert greenhouse gasses into oxygen. North American indigenous tribes contain enormous potential for renewable energy, given that the total land holdings of this minority is in excess of 3% of the entire landmass of the continent.

NAVF with its partnered Native American tribes are not just protecting the forests, but turning them into a huge profit center for Native American Tribes and NAVF’s investors. Simply put, conserving the forests creates a “Carbon Offset”, which equates to the removal of a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. For every ton of Carbon captured through a Carbon Offset Program, a qualified “Carbon Credit / Carbon Offset” is created. Companies such as British Petroleum (BP), Google, Chevron, FedEx and several hundred US companies purchase carbon credits at established market prices, in some cases to avoid environmental penalties that cost well in excess of the carbon credit.

About NAVF:  We are the First Native American, Impact Investment Fund that lays a foundation for global commerce, trade, significant job creation, workforce development, and the rebirth of Native America as a united economic power. For investors, NAVF represents a unique opportunity to embrace a philanthropic, yet highly profitable, partnership with Native American Tribes.

For more information about our Native American Venture Fund, please contact John Cataldi at 212-634-4300 or by email.  If you wish to order a prospectus, click here.


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