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Activist and Oglala Sioux Tribal Member Lynn Rapp joins NAVF

Activist and Oglala Sioux Tribal Member Lynn Rapp joins NAVF

Member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, former Senior Investment Banker with Morgan Stanley is Connecting the Dots Between Social Impact and Capitalism for NAVF.

Lynn Dee Rapp, an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, a former longtime investment banker with Morgan Stanley and former chairperson of the National Congress of American Indian’s Finance and Investment Committee has joined the Advisory Board of Native American Venture Fund (NAVF).

Ms. Rapp, was born in the Pine Ridge Reservation and combines over 3 decades of experience in financial services, economic and community development. After advising family offices, institutions and high net worth individuals as a SVP with Morgan Stanley’s private client group, she expanded her roles within both finance and activism in Native America by launching SeaCrest Investment Management that caters to a select group of high net worth clients and Eagle Opportunity, a Native/Minority-owned investment firm specializing in financial solutions for Native American Tribes. She furthered her influence within, as a Native American project financier by serving on several high profile boards over her career that promoted economic development and fostered change on a National level. Her current board appointments include the American Indian College Fund – Board of Trustees, American Indian Business Leaders Association, Rapid Loan Fund, a development loan program for Rapid City, South Dakota.

A Wharton School of Business educated in Critical Elements Consulting, she has provided foundational leadership for the National Indian Gaming Association, the National Indian Education Association, Oweesta, the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, the Native American Finance Officers Association, Aboriginal Finance Officers Association (Canada), National Center of American Indian Enterprise Development and the IMN Native American Finance Conference. Thus, Ms. Rapp brings to NAVF a broad expertise on development of Native American economies, gaming and alternative energy solutions.  “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible, but it does not come without a dedicated effort. “I believe in NAVF’s mission and that our collective abilities will yield extraordinary results,” states Ms. Rapp.

There are 2.4 million Native Americans who, in general, suffer from a lack of opportunities with higher unemployment (up to 85%) and enormous poverty rates (5x the national average). We believe that by deploying investment capital within select business sectors and guidance provided by financial/ tribal authorities such as Lynn, will create vast economic opportunities within Native America. For NAVF, we are proving to the investment community that impact invest is both significantly profitable, but is creating life changing economic development within these communities,” said John Cataldi Managing Partner, NAVF.

Ms. Rapp affirmed by stating, “Let’s focus on the positive, and bring prosperity to Native America.

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