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About NAVF


Native American Tribes have been   vastly under-represented in the major financial markets, Wall Street, and global trade primarily because of lack of resources, infrastructure, and economic opportunity. Over the last several decades some tribes have invested  their tribal lands in ventures such as casinos, hotels, golf courses, tourism, construction, and green energy, all of which  have begun to generate significant revenues.


Over the past few decades, public policy has favored Native American tribal ventures by providing preferences in government contracting, significant  tax incentives, access to most major government offices, the creation of a White House Council for Native American Affairs, and  legislation that allows the tribes to enter into various business operations with little interference from lawmakers. However, the challenge still remains that most Native American Tribes  do not have access to both human and financial capital that would allow them to leverage  their tribal rights in pursuing  various economic opportunities.


Tribes as  independent sovereign nations  have a constitutional right to tax, both on and off their reservation lands which two recent Supreme Court cases have upheld. Despite these rulings very few tribes have implemented the collection of their own taxes. In the absence of a tax base, infrastructure, and a highly educated work force, tribes have had to become more entrepreneurial in creating sustainable economies to support their governments and provide basic services to their people, However, given the lack of knowledge concerning the extent of the tribes’ sovereignty rights, economic incentives, and general business acumen, most tribes are poorly diversified in their business operations and lack the ability to participate within a global economy.


The Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) will provide tribes the education, opportunity, and financing to create, expand, diversify, and sustain a tribal economy. Extending this same model across the 566 federally and 123 state recognized tribes within the United States, the NAVF will have facilitated a domestic commerce model, which will lay the foundation for global commerce, trade, significant job creation, workforce development, and the rebirth of Native America as a united economic power.


 NAVF represents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the development of the economy and infrastructure of  tribal nations which have been granted sovereign tax and other benefits by the United States..



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