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NAVF’s ESG Impact Enterprise Fund


The Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) is an Impact Investment Fund that promotes Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) development activities for indigenous tribes throughout North America, and is managed by Native American Partners, Incorporated. NAVF has established a series of socially responsible and impactful investment funds that will leverage the unique economic and legal advantages provided by the United States government to federally recognized Native American Tribes.


NAVF provides impact investment opportunity to create unprecedented investor returns by leveraging “unique economic and legal advantages” a afforded to federally and state recognized, Native American Indian tribes by the US Government. North American Indians are recognized as having strong business advantages. These advantages are particularly marked in relation to government and private sector contracting, and there are many shrewd planning op ons available. Native American businesses, tribal member owned enterprises and minority companies, are in demand. All government contracts and most private corpora ons require a percentage (anywhere from 20% to 40%) of their vendor dollars to go to minority enterprises. NAVF’s immediate objectives are to leverage a tribe’s economic and legal advantages to develop and operate successful business enterprises and provide job opportunities for tribal members and the local community workforce. Our long term goals are to provide Native American tribes with income generating business opera ons enabling the tribes to become economically self sufficient.


Our industry focus currently includes: Specialty Finance / FinTech, Pharmaceuticals, Green/Renewables/Carbon Offsets. E-Commerce and Online Gaming / Lottery / Fantasy Sports.


We are currently taking applications for General Partner participation into our ESG Impact Enterprise Fund.


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