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ESG Climate / Carbon Fund Launched

Protecting Forests, Fighting Climate Change & Creating Significant Investor Returns

NAVF Leads Carbon Offset Talks

2017 Native American Economic Summit, Las Vegas

Post Ruling- High Carbon Demand Expected

California appellate court upheld that state’s cap-and-trade auction revenues from greenhouse gas emission allowances do not equate to a tax.

Native American Venture Fund


The Native American Venture Fund (NAVF) is a socially responsible fund providing Native American communities with job creation, infrastructure, housing, education and an overall sustainable economy while rewarding investors with projected double digit earnings. NAVF provides a unique opportunity for our investors to create unprecedented investment returns by leveraging “unique economic and legal advantages” granted to federally and state recognized Native American Tribes by the US Government, which include multiple, sole source contracts of up to $100M in Federal tax credits. For Native American Tribes, the NAVF creates a solid foundation for tribal enterprises to succeed by providing capital, leadership and vision to create highly scalable and sustainable tribal economies.


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Why Impact-fully Invest with NAVF?
We Are Active Investors

We actively participate in the formation and management of our portfolio investments. Thus, we have an insider's understanding of the performance matrix within our portfolio.

We invest in Mid to Late Stage

We do not invest into companies that cannot produce a positive return on investment within 24 months. Most of our portfolio opportunities are either already generating significant revenues or could be within a 6 month reorganization, given the competitive advantages of a Native American corporation.

Diversified Strategic Execution

Our portfolio is diversified amongst various industry sectors to protect against adverse market conditions. However, the core functions of our portfolio investments from human capital, accounting, marketing , government contracting is handled by the Fund Management, thus creating an economy of scale within our business holdings.

Social Capitalism

The NAVF is building a sustainable Native American economy to provide for its people. The investment that you make as an investor today will provide both a health return and create the foundations for a sustainable Native American tribal economy.


How are we profiting Native American and our Investors, read below or visit our News Page on how the Native American Venture Fund is reshaping tribal economies and boosting Investors returns on a global scale: